Year Two

Welcome to Birch and Hollies

Come and meet the team! We are a large and dedicated team. The class teachers are: Mrs S Willis – Birch and Mrs S Almond – Hollies. Our full time LSA is Mrs A Warren. We are also joined by Mrs J Morris and Mrs L Barber during some sessions.


Curriculum Information

Languages, Literacy and Communication

Pupils will be given words to learn weekly in school. These words will be based on familiar word patterns as well as the high frequency words all pupils need to learn before leaving primary school. Pupils who can spell these words will be given more difficult and challenging words which will help to stretch their vocabulary. Pupils will be tested on their current set of spelling words half termly. The words that pupils got incorrect will be sent home for them to practise.

All pupils will take part in daily guided reading sessions which are designed to develop all pupils reading skills. Pupils will be grouped to ensure they are all reading a challenging text. Pupils will also read on an individual basis with Class Teacher, LSAs and Parent Helpers.

In Welsh pupils will learn vocabulary patterns, write short paragraphs and read basic texts about the following topics: Weather, The Body, Colour, Toys, Clothing and Seasides.           

Maths and Numeracy 

The children will continue with the BIG MATHS programme this year. The weekly CLIC tests will continue and the children will benefit greatly if you support them by practising for these at home. This programme will mainly be supported with resources from the ABACUS maths scheme. It is important that throughout the children learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables off by heart. 

Our Topics

Autumn Terms- Remember Remember

Pupils will all about Famous people and events from the past. They will learn about The Great Fire of London and The Gunpowder Plot and complete tasks in all subjects related to these events.

Spring Term – Big Wide World (Brazil and The Amazon)

Pupils will study Brazil as a contrasting locality to Wales, learn all about life in our partner school in Varez Paulista and compare their lives to those of children in Brazil. They will also learn about the Amazon Rainforest and the animals that live within in. We will also be going to Bristol Zoo to met some of these animals.

Summer Term – Land Ahoy

Pupils will learn about famous Pirates from the past, Grace Darling, the RNLI and the Titanic. Pupils will create puppets and retell sea tales as well as create their own sea shanties.

Please see the current curriculum newsletter below for more details on each term. 

Class Routines

Please find below information on our class routines.

  • School Uniform

    Please ensure that all uniform is clearly displayed with your child’s name. Missing uniform can be found in the lost property box.

  • PE Kit

    PE kits are to be brought in at the start of the half term and will be sent home at the end of the term.

  • Water Bottles

    Water bottles are kept in a box in the classroom and children may drink throughout the day. This is in addition to any drink’s bottle included with a packed lunch. Please ensure this water bottle is clear, has a sports top and contains only water. It also needs to be clearly marked with their name.

  • Learning Logs

    Home on Friday and return to school the following Tuesday

Information for Parents

We have provided a list of links which will help you support your child at home.