Welcome to Year 1

Class Information

Welcome to Hazel and Rowan

Come and meet the team! We are a large and dedicated team. The class teachers are: Miss A Dunlop – Hazel and Mrs E Rawlinson – Rowan.

Our LSAs are Mrs Filliau, Mrs Barrett, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Righton.


Class Routines

Please find below information on our class routines.

  • Reading

    Children will bring home two books each week. One will have be read with the class teacher and the other chosen by your child. Both books should be read at home along with practising the keywords that will also be included. Please ensure your child brings these books to school daily. We appreciate your comments in their yellow book.

  • Learning Logs

    Learning Logs will come home on Thursdays and should be returned on Tuesdays. Please encourage your child to complete these activities.

  • School Uniform

    Please ensure that all uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name. Missing uniform can be found in the lost property box.

  • PE

    Please bring in PE kits in at the start of each half term and they will be brought home at the end of each half term. Rowan will have PE on Tuesday and Hazel on Wednesday. Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled and trainers are brought in too.

  • Water Bottles and snack

    Water bottles are kept in a box in the classroom and children may drink throughout the day. This is in addition to any drink’s bottle included with a packed lunch. Please ensure this water bottle is clear and contains only water and their name is clearly marked. Water bottles can be purchased from the office.

    Children should bring in snack to eat at play time. Snack can be purchased in school which costs £1.50 per week and should be brought in on Monday.

Information for Parents

We have provided a list of links which will help you support your child at home.

Curriculum Information

Autumn 1 Topic – Family Album

During the Autumn term we will be talking and writing about our families. We will also look at old fashioned toys and discover how clothes were washed in the olden days.

We recently went on a trip to St Fagans where we learnt about old toys and played with them. Then we saw Beti Bwt washing clothes with a scrubbing board, dolly and mangle!!!

img_3063  img_3089

Autumn 2 Topic – Pop Up

This topic lets us look at traditional fairy tales and make and create basic ‘pop up’ mechanisms.

Spring 1 Topic – Superheroes

One of our popular topics in which we design and make superheroes, create comics on iPads and investigate waterproof materials for a superhero cape. We must save the world from Dr Evil Blood who has threatened to make all the children naughty!!!

Spring 2 Topic – Community Explorers

We will be looking at our local community and comparing it to Lesotho in Africa. We will make African style foods, create African paintings and also perform traditional African style dances and music.

Summer 1 Topic – Happiness

During this term we find out what makes us happy along with healthy eating and exercise.

Summer 2 Topic – Wriggle and Crawl

Ending the term with another popular topic and a trip to Cosmeston. We investigate different types and mini beasts and a few of them even come to join us in class!!!


All pupils from Year 1 up will take part in daily guided reading sessions which are designed to develop all pupils reading skills. Pupils will be grouped to ensure they are all reading a challenging text.             


We will be continuing with the Abacus Maths scheme this year as it has proved to be very successful. The children will be grouped which enables them to receive the support and challenges that they need. BIG Maths will also continue and your child will complete a BIG Maths test each week.


Throughout the year we will be covering the following topics:

Weather, Body, Clothes, Toys, Houses, Food, Animals, Colours, Shapes and Numbers.