Welcome to Year Four

Class Information

Welcome to Maple and Pine.

Come and meet the team!  The class teachers are Mrs R. Shields (Maple) and Mr H. Barton (Pine).


Class Routines

Please find below information on our class routines

  • School Uniform

    Please ensure that all uniform is clearly displayed with your child’s name. Missing uniform can be found in the lost property box.

  • PE Kit

    PE kits are to be brought in on Monday and taken home on Friday.

  • Water Bottles

    Water bottles are kept in a box in the classroom and children may drink throughout the day.  Please ensure this water bottle is clear and contains only water and their name is clearly marked. Water bottles can be purchased from the office.

  • Learning Logs

    Home on Thursday and return to school the following Tuesday.

  • Big Write

    Big Write on is usually on a Thursday, so ask your child on Wednesday evenings what they will be writing about the next day.

Information for Parents

We have provided a list of links which will help you support your child at home.

  • Big Maths

    Big Maths website clearly explains its benefits and provides some practise material,

  • Spelling Guide

    A guide to help you support you child when learning their spellings.

  • Guidelines on High Frequency Words

    Throughout their time in Evenlode, the children learn to read and spell the 124 High Frequency Word,  the words used most often. Click here to find out how you can help.

  • KiVa

    KiVa is the anti-bullying scheme adopted by Evenlode. Please get in touch with the KiVa team – Miss Morris, Mrs Parselle or Mrs Warren for more information.

Curriculum Information

Our Topics!

We start the Autumn term with ‘Castles and Dragons’, in which we learn about Medieval Wales.  Then we go on to look at natural disasters in ‘Disaster Zone’.  After Christmas we will be finding out about the Tudors in ‘Off With Her Head!’.  The rest of Year 4 sees us looking at being environmentally friendly in ‘Keen To Be Green’ and ending with ‘The Big Dip’ when we look at pond life.  A busy but very enjoyable year.


    Pupils will be given words to learn weekly in school. These words will be based on familiar word patterns as well as the high frequency words all pupils need to learn before leaving primary school. Pupils who can spell these words will be given more difficult and challenging words which will help to stretch their vocabulary.

    All pupils from Year 1 up will take part in daily guided reading sessions which are designed to develop all pupils reading skills. Pupils will be grouped to ensure they are all reading a challenging text.


    The children will continue with the BIG MATHS programme this year. The weekly CLIC tests will continue in each year group and the children will benefit greatly if you support them by practising for these at home. This programme will mainly be supported with resources from the ABACUS maths scheme.

    Educational games for children

    Take advantage of these great games to support your work in class!

    • Countdown

      Based on the T.V show practice your maths and word knowledge by playing this timed game.

    • Hamilton at home

      Various Literacy and Numeracy activities to support the work you are doing in school.

    • Hangman

      A great online version of an old classic!

    • Woodlands Maths Zone

      Woodlands Junior School is an award winning website. You will find many maths activities to help you with your work in class.

    • Woodlands Literacy Zone

      Woodlands Junior School is an award winning website. You will find many Literacy activities to help you with your work in class.

    • Woodlands Main Page

      Woodlands Junior School is an award winning website. You will find many links to games and other Curriculum topics

    • BBC Bitesize

      BBC Bitesize has been updated and has many new games and Curriculum led activities.