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Visiting Spain

As part of an Emerging Technologies project, Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Almond have visited Spain on two occasions with teachers from our local area. During the visit Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Almond met up with many teachers from Molina, a small town near Murcia, to organise a large mutual project with 4 local schools and 4 Spanish schools. The project is still on-going and more details will be added soon.

As part of our Comenius project we are also linked two other schools in Spain. Ferrer y Racaj is located in a village called Aragon near the city of Zaragoza. The school is located 300km from Barcleona. There are 250 pupils in the school. They are between 3 and 11 years old. The pupils have made a leaflet for us, click the link.


View the leaflet made by the children in Spain