School Vision and Aims

Mission Statement

At Evenlode Primary school we are committed to providing a secure and happy environment where each child is valued and equipped with the necessary skills, enabling them to become independent adults and learners.

Our aims, regardless of needs, background or religion are to include all children equally and to provide opportunities to develop independence, confidence, creativity and self esteem. We believe that every child has the important skills that will equip them for life. We are committed to developing all talents and to celebrate every child’s achievement, no matter how small.

School Aims

  • To create in the school an atmosphere of happiness, security and confidence in adults so that children participate readily in the process of learning.
  • Nurture an interest in books and develop the ability to read, understand and respond to all types of writing.
  • To develop a child’s potential whatever his/her ability through a wide varied and relevant curriculum using extra curricular activities in the school and community.
  • To give the children a ‘firm foundation in understanding’ for all their later work which is to be gained at first through a wide range of practical experiences including music, games, art, D.T. , I.C.T. and investigative maths and science. To enable children to learn from experience and to develop enquiring minds.
  • To develop the child’s initiative and self confidence, to foster independence as a preparation for adult life.
  • To develop children’s creative gifts so that they speak, draw, write, act, paint etc, expressing themselves to the best of their ability.
  • To foster the child’s integrity, by spiritual awareness, so that the child recognises certain principles of moral behaviour and shows respect for all racial and cultural backgrounds.
  • To teach self discipline and the need for self control. Children should be taught a responsible attitude towards the school and its rules, respect for other people’s property and a willingness to share and co operate with one another.