Welcome to Reception

Class Information

Welcome to Acorns and Conkers

Come and meet the team! We are a large and dedicated team. The class teachers are: Mrs E Rawlinson and Mrs A Hoddinott teaching Acorns and Mrs F Gracia-Thomas teaching Conkers. Reception have four wonderful LSAs: Mrs Edwards, Mrs Birch-Hurst, Mrs Wakely and Mrs Righton.


Class Routines

Please find below information on our class routines.

  • School Uniform

  • PE Kit

    PE kits are to be brought in on Monday and taken home on Friday.

  • Water Bottles

    Water bottles are kept in a box in the classroom and children may drink throughout the day. This is in addition to any drink’s bottle included with a packed lunch. Please ensure this water bottle is clear and contains only water and their name is clearly marked. Water bottles can be purchased from the office.

  • Learning Logs

    Home on Friday and return to school the following Tuesday

Information for Parents

The new foundation phase profile was developed to assess children’s abilities and development in 4 areas of learning:

  • Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills
  • Mathematical Development
  • Physical Development.

This assessment will be conducted over a 6 week period and will be in the form of observations and formative assessments e.g., how they play with others, how they communicate with each other, care for themselves etc.


The children are grouped with the children who started on the same day during our staggered intake. These groups do tend to be changed regularly to give the children the opportunity to work with other children in their class.


As you may have noticed during your visit, Reception is divided into Language, Maths, middle and outside areas. The children work within all areas during a school day. During the afternoon session (which is topic based) the children have the opportunity to work with their piers from the other class.


We have started our phonic scheme whereby we introduce 3 new phonic sounds to the children every week.  We teach the children the letter sound not the name of the letter.

We have also introduced our reading scheme which is Oxford Reading Tree.  We have introduced some key words to the children which we recap on daily in class.  We do test the children regularly on their flashcard words and we ask that these are learnt by sight and not by decoding/sounding out.   We will only send new words home when these words are recognised in their reading.

After Christmas the children will also take part in daily guided reading sessions which are designed to develop all pupils reading skills. Pupils will be grouped to ensure they are all reading appropriate books for their level.

One of our main focus in Reception is to improve standards in writing and we encourage the correct pencil grip. In your welcome pack you may remember receiving an example of our handwriting scheme. Initially children may find this a little tricky, but with perseverance it has proven to encourage children’s writing to flow


The children will continue with the BIG MATHS programme this year as it was so successful last year. During daily  5 minute sessions the children are introduced to their ‘Learn its’ which could include, counting, puting numbers in order, doubles, 1 more , 1 less, number bonds of 10 etc. The weekly CLIC tests will start in January where children will be tested on their learn its. An example of this will be given to you in December  and the children will benefit greatly if you support them by practicing  these at home.


These books will be sent home on a Friday  to be returned on a Tuesday. These normally contain pieces of work which reflect and reinforce what has been taught that week. Sometimes the homework might be creative which will give the children an opportunity to discuss what they have done or made with a talking partner in school.


After Christmas your child will also bring home a story sack on alternate weeks. This sack contains a fiction and non-fiction book for you and your child to read together and discuss. The pack may also contain either a toy or game which is relevant to the books. These sacks will be sent home on the Friday and are to be return the following Wednesday.


To help children with their listening skills we introduced Lola who  is the listening leopard. Lola will be brought home on a Wednesday and return to school the following Tuesday. Lola will be coming home with a book which we would ask you to help your child write about activities that they have done with Lola and add photographs or drawings. When Lola is returned this will be an opportunity for your child to discuss with the class what Lola has done. We tend to follow names as they appear on the register so please don’t worry if your child hasn’t  had Lola, they will get their turn.


After half term the Reception children will have the opportunity to pay for snack.  It will cost £1.50 a week and the children will be able to choose from a piece of seasonal fruit. Your child may still continue to bring their own snacks, which may include fruit/veg, bread sticks, rice cakes or cereal bars, clearly labelled with their name please.


You may have noticed that you child may have brought home either a golden ticket or a small prize on a Friday.

The Golden ticket is for children who have achieved the 5 golden rules that week and the prize is given to the group who have gained the most treasure. These are given to children for anything over and above the golden rules and may include good effort in work etc.


Lastly we try to arrange  trips which reinforce  the topic that we are learning about at that time. We normally organise these termly. We ask for payment in advance through Parent Pay as we are a cash free school. Even though payment is on a voluntary basis, unfortunately if we do not receive sufficient funds, the trip will be cancelled.

Numeracy and Literacy skills through P.E.

A short video to show how basic skills can be accessed through an indoor gym role play.

Click here  to be taken to a link to view.

Curriculum Information

Our Topic -‘ When I fall asleep’


Pupils will be given words to learn weekly in school. These words will be based on familiar word patterns as well as the high frequency words all pupils need to learn before leaving primary school. Pupils who can spell these words will be given more difficult and challenging words which will help to stretch their vocabulary.

All pupils from Reception up will take part in daily guided reading sessions which are designed to develop all pupils reading skills. Pupils will be grouped to ensure they are all reading a challenging text.             


The children will continue with the BIG MATHS programme this year. The weekly CLIC tests will continue in each year group and the children will benefit greatly if you support them by practising for these at home. This programme will mainly be supported with resources from the ABACUS maths scheme..