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  • Newsletter 19.4.18 April 23, 2018
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  • Mr Chapman's Group February 9, 2018
    Dear parents and carers,   A lovely lesson on Wednesday where we signed each other’s books and did lots of reading out loud, either from The Library OR from their own books. For those who were able to make the Parents Evening, many thanks, I think we’d all agree it was a great night.    […]
  • Mr Chapman's Group January 17, 2018
    Dear parents and carers,   Today we looked at the creation of teaching materials to support the 'Book in a Day' that the class wrote and that will be ready by the Parents' Evening of February 7th (please confirm attendance). They found this very challenging but worked hard and produced some fine work.   Homework: […]
  • Mr Chapman's Group December 21, 2017
    Dear parents and carers,   A cracking lesson upon which to finish this term. In the first half of the lesson, we looked at the literary device of using ‘Time Shifts’ to add depth to a piece and not just having an A to C via B narrative structure.  In the second half of the […]
  • Mr Chapman's Group December 14, 2017
    Dear parents and carers,   Once again you should be very proud of your children who worked very hard for the whole lesson. For the first half, we did work on nouns, proper nouns,  adjectives and verbs, plus some vocabulary work. For the second half we did a whole host of editing and upscaling of […]
  • Mr Chapman's Group December 8, 2017
    Dear parents and carers,   We had a very productive lesson this week. We spent the first 45 mins doing literacy activities using Tarsia. The children LOVED them. So here is a link if you want to download them:   The rest of the lesson we went over the books they are writing and […]
  • Mr Chapman's Group October 26, 2017
    Dear Parents  We had a double lesson today and the whole time was spent preparing for the ‘Book in a Day’ that we are writing on Nov 8th. They took notes, did sample writing, worked on author's voice and being consistent. It was hard work, but good fun. They were all notified of their part […]
  • Mr Chapman's Group October 18, 2017
    Dear parents  A really exciting lesson today. We started preparation work upon our ‘Book in Day’ which we will going to Stanwell on Nov 8th to write.  Esther (our budding author to be) has written a superb plot, background and character profiles and we went though these in class. You could tell the kids just […]
  • Mr Chapman's Group October 12, 2017
     Dear parents,Yesterday we were in the music room which was a lot easier than the hall, so hearing each other read was much easier. Firstly we heard over half the class read out sections from their essays. By and large, there were very good. Secondly we revisited the idea of using a 'Dominant Pronoun' and […]
  • Mr Chapman's Group September 21, 2017
    Dear parents  Firstly thank you for having them all bring in their own books. Secondly we had a great 'longer lesson' today. We read lots of each other's work, feedback on it and corrected it as well.  We then started work upon writing an essay!! I gave them an essay on TMG and we read […]