Teachers and Staff

Head Teacher: Mr S Rees

(Deputy Head: Mrs H Jones – on secondment with CSCJES)

Infant Staff


Conkers – Mrs F Gracia-Thomas

Acorns – Mrs A Hoddinott & Mrs E Rawlinson

Year One

Hazel – Mrs J Roberts

Rowan – Miss A Dunlop (currently being covered by Miss V Bieri whist she is on a Welsh language course.)

Year Two

Birch – Mrs S Willis

Hollies – Miss K Mainwaring (F/Ph Leader, SLT)

HLTAs and LSAs

Mrs S Edwards

Mrs M Righton

Mrs N Barrett

Mrs L Filiau

Mrs L Barber (Not pictured)

Mrs A Warren (Not pictured)

Mrs L Harris

Mrs J Morris

Mrs A Wakely

Non-Teaching Staff


Mrs S Esseen – Senior Business Manager & SLT

Mrs J Pugsley – Administrator

Mrs S Wilkins – Administrator


  • Caretaker – Mr K Webber
  • Cook in charge – Mrs S Williams
  • Saplings Out of School Care Manager – Mrs K John
  • Saplings Coordinator – Mrs M Righton

Junior Staff

Year Three

Cherry – Mrs S Almond

Willow – Mrs V Parselle

Year Four

Maple – Mrs R Shields (SLT, Y3/4 Team Leader)

Pine – Mr H Barton

Year Five

Poplar – Miss L Jones

Sycamore – Miss J Morris

Year Six

Oak – Mrs H Hodgkins (Acting Deputy Head, SLT, Y5/6 Team Leader)

Chestnut – Mr J Francis

Ash – Mr R Jones


Mrs E Thomas – ALNCO